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Setting Up a Domain with Reclaim Hosting

A domain is a location on the Internet and is part of every internet address. For example, in ‘www.gmu.edu’ ‘gmu’ is the domain and ‘.edu’ is the top-level domain.

Getting Started:

    1. Go to Reclaim Hosting: https://reclaimhosting.com
    2. Click on Sign Up and select the Students and Individuals option ($30/year).

Selecting your Domain Name:

    1. Enter the domain name you would like to use in the box next to “www.”
      • You can try some form of your name, such as: first and last, first name,  middle initial and last name; or some variation.
        • Why your name? If you don’t own it, someone else might/will. It is the most obvious name for your domain, and one that can be used for a variety of projects.
      • If privacy is a concern, you can choose another name, but remember to keep it professional.
    2. Click on the triangle next to “.com” to view a dropdown of top-level domains to choose from.
      • We tend to favor .org or .net
      • Some of the other options are not available to people living in the US.
      • We recommend that you do NOT use .com. Although .com is not limited to commercial enterprises or businesses, many people think it is, which could cause you problems.
    3. Click Check Availability to see if the domain is available.
      • You may need to try several options before you find one that is available
      • Try changing the top-level domain (.org, .net, etc) before you change the domain name.
      • When you have found an available domain, click Continue.
      • You do not need to select ID protection in the next screen—just click Continue. 
  1. Registration and Payment:
    • Enter your details and payment information to complete the order.
    • Make sure you record the password that you use.
    • Once you have completed your order, check your email for a transaction receipt and an email with your new account information. Make sure you keep that email.
  2. Setting Up WordPress
    1. Click through to the Client Area.
      • You should see 1 Active Account and 1 Active Domain.
      • The blue ‘Support’ button on the right gives you access to Reclaim Hosting’s fantastic customer support, if you need it.
    2. Click on the cPanel (control panel for your hosting account).
      • There are rows and rows of options—we’ll be using very few of them in this course!
    3. Select Web Applications which should be the first set of options.
    4. Click on WordPress which we will use for your online portfolio.
      • You are now in the “Installatron.” This is one of our favorite features of Reclaim Hosting, providing one-click installation of a range of software, saving you from a much more complex manual process.
      • Click on + install this application.
    5. On the next screen, leave most of the settings on the default options.
      • Location: leave this as is. When you leave this as it is (with the Directory blank), WordPress is installed so that it appears when someone visits your domain, which is what we want to happen.
      • Scroll down to Settings (all these can be changed later in WordPress).
        • In “Administrator Username,” create a username you will remember.
        • In “Administrator Password,” click on ‘show password’, and record the password.
        • Under “Web Site Title,” try “Online Portfolio” or something similar. This can be changed later.
        • In “Website Tagline,” delete the text and replace it with something of your choosing (it’s like the subtitle of your site), or leave it blank.
        • Accept the default settings.
      • Scroll to the bottom, click + Install – and watch the Installatron do its thing!
    6. Once installation is done, Note the two URLs under the name of your site.
      • URL 1: takes you to the front end of the site where this WordPress site is now installed, which is what appears in the image on the left of your screen.
      • URL 2: accesses the back end of the WordPress site, where you add and edit content. Basically, it is the site address with “/wp-admin” added.
    7. Log out of ‘cPanel.’

You do not need to go to Reclaim Hosting to get to your WordPress site. Instead, use your WordPress URL (mysite.org/wp-admin), and log in with the email address associated with your Reclaim account and the WordPress password you recorded.

Updated on July 31, 2018

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