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Digital History Categories and Projects

Dan Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Major Categories of Digital History Web (2005)

  • Archives (Digital Collections and Archives)
  • Exhibits, Films, Scholarship, and Essays
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Discussion and Organizational Sites (Online Communities and Professional Networks)

Will Thomas’s Typology of Digital Scholarship (2014)

Journal of American History Categories for Review, Jeff McClurken (2015)


Community-Generated Archives:

Electronic Essays/Exhibits:

Teaching Resources:


Something that provides functionality related to creating, accessing, or editing digital history content (rather than the content itself)


A site that provides access to other web-based materials

Journals/Webzines (online publications):


Sites devoted to providing information on a particular organization

Virtual Community:

A site on which a historical community

Updated on July 30, 2018

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